FYF Panel On Tokenisation

Thank you to all our panel participants for our webinar on tokenisation, including James Harris, Corporate Director at our partner company CryptoCompare, George McDonaugh, CEO of KR1, and Brian Elders, Founder & CEO at SORS Digital Assets, and partner at Black Manta Capital Partners. We also wish to thank our partner creative agency Live Consultancy for helping us to produce another episode of Five Year Finance.

Three Major Takeaways:

  1. The crypto markets are in a renewed era of expansion, led by the rise in the Bitcoin price following the halving and institutional interest from major hedge funds Tudor Investment Management and Renaissance Capital.

  2. Innovation in the base layer blockchain protocols like Ethereum, Cosmos and Polkadot, especially around the topic of staking, is driving serious innovation in finance and technology.

  3. Security tokens are still a nascent field, but projects from real estate to other areas, will see huge institutional investor interest over time as well as early crypto innovators driving more capital to crypto markets.

Watch the full webinar below if you missed it:

Our next episode of Five Year Finance will be with Amber Case, a cyborg anthropologist and TED Talker who examines the way humans and technology interact and evolve together. Amber shares her current take on living in the time of Covid19, how our lives are changing and what it means for the future of humanity.

She will also give an introduction to Calm Technology - an overview of future needs for building resilient tech, including bandwidth considerations, design and the future of remote work. RSVP here.

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