Our First FYF Webinar Interview With Eric Ly

Thank you to LinkedIn Co-Founder and CEO of Hub, Eric Ly and to Live Consultancy for making our first webinar interview a success.  We took a fascinating dive into Eric Ly’s work with a contact tracing app to help with the prevention of slowing the spread of Covid19, the impact and importance of data on humanity, and our recent global ramping up of digital communications.  Catch up here in case you missed it:

You can join the Five Year Finance community on Hub for breakout discussions, to meet other attendees, and to learn about upcoming FYF webinars.  Our next webinar will be on May 6th with guest Alex Dunsdon, VC at SAATCHiNVEST and Chief Of Staff at Redbrain.com. We will discuss current trends in the VC landscape, investment challenges, what VCs are looking for in the current fundraising environment, innovative finance, and what we can expect to see in the startup world in the years to come. Sign up here.

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