Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys & LinkedIn Top Voice

Lex Sokolin is a Global Fintech Co-Head, ConsenSys & LinkedIn Top Voice and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Bloomberg, FT, Reuters.


General Counsel at

Lee A. Schneider is a financial services and technology lawyer based in NYC. He serves as general counsel for, a leading blockchain software company. Lee co-hosts a FinTech podcast with former SEC Commissioner Troy Paredes, available on iTunes and other podcast services.


Global Thought Leader in Fintech

Frontier Technology and social impact thought leader Dr. Jane Thomason discussed technological developments in global healthcare with a focus on blockchain technology and artificial intelligence.


Regenerative Medicine Pioneer

Regenerative medicine pioneer, best selling author, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Bart Rademaker shares the statistics and realities facing public healthcare as society comes to terms with the Covid 19 pandemic, what this means for public health in the years to come and seizing the current opportunity to evolve health and wellness.

Dr Bart Rademaker’s background crosses continents, cultures and disciplines. Living in five different countries and speaking four different languages, his perspective and approach on life is multidimensional, understanding that the artistry of our own life and our world must be viewed in the same way.


Cyborg Anthroplogist, Author And TED Speaker

Amber Case is a cyborg anthropologist and TED Talker who examines the way humans and technology interact and evolve together. Amber shared her current take on living in the time of Covid19, how our lives are changing and what it means for the future of humanity.

She also gave an introduction to Calm Technology - an overview of future needs for building resilient tech, including bandwidth considerations, design and the future of remote work.


CryptoCompare, KR1, and Black Manta Capital Partners

Panelist included James Harris, Corporate Director at our partner company CryptoCompare, George McDonaugh, CEO of KR1, and Brian Elders, Founder & CEO @ SORS Digital Assets, Partner @ Black Manta Capital Partners.


World Renowned Lifestyle Coach

Chad E Cooper, World renowned lifestyle coach to celebrities, olympians and other international high performance leaders, pushes himself to be the very best he can be. From being awarded both Regimental US Marine of the Quarter and Regimental Marine of the Year during his time of service, to retiring from Microsoft at age 35, to serving two terms as Mayor in his community, to traveling the world and making a global impact through his foundation work in New Zealand and Guatemala, to competing as a multi-major sponsored triathlete – Chad embodies what it means to live a Legendary Life.



Alex Dunsdon, VC at SAATCHiNVEST & Chief Of Staff at is the next guest of Five Year Finance. This interview covered the latest trends in the unfolding global venture capital landscape in regards to technology & fintech, decentralized finance, current investment challenges, why VCs are still investing, and what is on the horizon. Alex is one of the original investors in Citymapper.


Co-Founder of LinkedIn & CEO of Hub

Eric Ly, the first guest of Five Year Finance, a thought leadership series that explores how business and the global economy will transform in the years to come.

Watch the video of this webinar chat with Eric Ly that explored what our recent hyper acceleration of the digital economy means for humankind and how we can evolve during this unique opportunity in history.